Letter to Competitors

As Chairman of the New England Performance Rally, I welcome each of the competitors and their teams, all of our volunteers, sponsors, media, and our enthusiastic and all-important land owners, as we embark on the 26th running of NEFR in July, 2016.  The “off season” has presented us with a number of challenges.

The first of which has been, as many of you are aware, that Ted Goddard, the past chairman of the Maine Forest Rally and The New England Forest Rally has not been well, and will be unable to join us this year.  Ted has been involved with our event since its early inception doing the myriad things that need to go into running a National Rally event.  From managing the registration process to coordinating the entries, to making sure the workers have all they need to perform their jobs.  Ted has been there (not always so quietly) performing these duties.  We have to remember that this event would not be what it has been these many years without the professionalism he has brought to NEFR.  Ted’s constant oversight has been the key element that has kept our event “on course” and his presence is surely missed.

We have been extremely fortunate to have a large number of key volunteers step up and share the load presented by Ted’s absence.    Another key role that needed to be filled was that of Rallymaster, since Mark Everett, who had performed this role for the past 6 years, has a conflict in his schedule and cannot be at the event this year.  Rest assured that Mark has been very much involved in pre-event planning and organization.  In Mark’s absence, John Buffum, the originator of these Maine/New Hampshire events has graciously agreed to serve as our Rallymaster, in which he will use his vast expertise in the running of the 2016 New England Forest Rally.  In doing so, he will step down as the team manager of the Vermont Sportscar Rally Team for the duration of the event.  We certainly appreciate and thank Vermont Sportscar for allowing John to be of service.

NEFR once more would like to thank the land owners who permit our use of their lands and roads for our enjoyment. The Towns of Peru and Woodstock allow our use of the Concord Pond Stage; one of the stages used every year.  Seven Islands Land Management has provided roads used on both Friday and Saturday from the very beginning.  The use of Wagner Forest Management’s roads has been welcomed, adding to the diversity of stages. Our Plum Creek Forest group has been a wonderful partner in our stage use.  Recently they were bought by Weyerhaeuser whose new management is reticent to permit use of their roads this year.  We look forward to bringing them back into the event in the coming year if we are successful in helping them understand our sport and its positive effect in the community.  There will be plenty of stages to keep you all happy, so no worries.  We would like to thank all the men and women working in these companies; without their support the event could not happen.  Being permitted to return each year is a testament to the high standards in which we as competitors, organizers, workers and fans conduct ourselves and to our high regard for the environment through which we travel.

Tim O’Neil

NEFR Rally Chairman

P.S. Please let me know if you need anything from me personally to be able to make it out to NEFR!