How to Spectate

How to Spectate

In a Performance Rally the rally cars are started at one-minute intervals with the fastest cars first and the slowest cars last. (The top several cars usually start with a 2-minute interval.) To insure that you see the top drivers in action, you should make sure you arrive at your spectating area early and give yourself plenty of time to park and walk to the viewing location.

Want to find out who is fastest? You can time the cars to your location; pick a place where you can time each car as it passes, and read the seconds off your watch. Remember that all cars leave at the top of the minute, so if the first car arrives at 21 seconds, the next at 28 seconds and the next at 25, then the first car is 4 seconds faster than the third, and 7 seconds faster than the second.

A word of warning to you when you are spectating: STAY BEHIND THE YELLOW BANNER TAPE. The yellow banner tape has been placed by the rally organizers and reviewed by safety officials. Behind the yellow banner is as safe as you can get to spectate. Do Not Position Yourself Behind Red Banner Tape. Those areas are extremely dangerous.

How to Spectate Safely

Safety at the forest spectator points is all-important, especially with the large crowds expected this year. It really is just a matter of common sense, but for those who have never watched a rally before, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Remember that the cars are at their limit. A mechanical or driver error may cause it to go out of control.
  • Please follow the Spectator Marshals’ directions at each spectator point. While Spectating is free, we do have control over these areas. Please stay behind the yellow banner tape.
  • DO NOT spectate at a location that does not have a Spectator Marshal and yellow tape banners. You should be in sight of a marshal while cars are on the course. Spectators in unauthorized areas WILL cause the rally to shut down.
  • Pick your vantage point carefully. High on a hill or behind the tree line is best. Rally Drivers are at the limits of control and they make creative use of the whole road. Leave yourself an escape route if one is needed. Again listen to the marshals. They know the safe locations. You must remain behind the yellow banner tape at all times.
  • Be wary and alert at all times, particularly at the daylight spectator points. Be ready to move if a car is out of control, don’t sit down. DO NOT turn your back to rally traffic unless you have a buddy spotting for you. Also, some cars will catch others on stage and their sound will be masked by the car in front of them.
  • Please follow the Marshals’ directions when parking your car at the spectator areas. We must keep a clear access on one side of these narrow roads for emergency vehicles. All cars should park on the same side of the road and be heading in the proper direction to leave the area. If you follow the next rule you shouldn’t have to walk too far. When you get to the end of the line of parked cars, PARK. You won’t be able to park or turn around to drive back out.